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The Law Office of Jason M. Santana was founded on a single principle: provide high quality, cost-effective, legal representation to individuals and businesses facing litigation. 


The attorneys in our firm believe the quality of legal representation cannot be measured by the outcome achieved without also considering the costs incurred to obtain that outcome.  That is why, for each matter we handle, we ensure the client's objectives are discussed up-front and re-evaluated continually, and options, strategy and corresponding costs are discussed on a regular basis.  We have found that from that collaborative process, our clients are best equipped to make the important decisions that are often required during the litigation process.


We also understand that representing clients in litigation cannot be a "one-size-fits-all" proposition. Rather, each matter requires its own strategy.  Some will require intense, aggressive litigation, some need resolution early before the costs and stresses of litigation mount, and many others fall somewhere in between.  Our attorneys let the facts of the dispute and the client's objectives dictate the litigation path.   Once that path is determined, we proceed with great focus, determination and passion. 




The Law Office of Jason M. Santana specializes in civil litigation, representing both plaintiffs an defendants.  Our attorneys have decades of experience handling civil litigation matters of all sizes and complexity: from cases with millions of dollars at issues involving large national companies, to disputes between local small businesses or individuals.   Our primary areas of focus are:


The attorneys at The Law Office of Jason M. Santana share a common focus: zealous advocacy for their clients.  With extensive trial, arbitration and mediation experience, and skills honed by working along side of some of San Diego's finest litigation attorneys, the attorneys at the Law Office of Jason M. Santana are ready to provide high quality representation.
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